Why This Signing Could Be The Best Wenger Has Made Since Thierry Henry!

The mood around the Arsenal camp has been rather encouraging lately. After a disappointing loss to Chelsea, the Gunners put away Olympiacos and West Ham 3-1 in two tough games, providing an insight into the newly formed back bone the side has established in the last few months. Olivier Giroud got the ‘No League Goal’ Monkey off his back, and the class new acquisitions Podolski and Cazorla, along with the dramatic improvement of players such as Mertesacker, Gibbs and Jenkinson has led us to a fresh breeze of optimism going into the dreaded ‘interlull.’

The comments made by chairman Peter Hill-wood after the West Ham game on Saturday evening, brought the Goonersphere into a bit of a frenzy it must be said. He declared that Wenger had money to spend, insinuating that the £35 million profits made by Arsenal last year would be ready for Wenger to spend in January. Cue absolute mayhem as the name Ramadal Falcao did the rounds, suggesting do to the current economic situation in Spain(Which is pretty dire as you must’ve known) has meant that Athletico Madrid may be resigned to losing him for a ‘bargain’ £35 million. You can see where this was going. Then the Arsenal Bloggers put 2+2 together and thought “Hey that means we have enough to sign…..Ramadal Falcao!”

And now I’m going to do likewise. Falcao is a Great player with a capital G! His goal scoring record is Henry-esque. 99 league goals from just over a 100 games in three years is nothing short of superfluous. Now,….quote the raven, I for one minute don’t think we will sign him. His signing would surely be up there with nabbing Big Sol from the Spuds back in 2001 as one of the most shocking transfers under Wenger, and possibly Arsenals history! However, what a statement that would be! Say by January we are up there in the league, maybe third, and then we sign Falcao. The rest of the league might as well sign the League Title over to us! Imagine a front three of Podolski- Falcao- Chamberlain, with Cazorla dropping behind them and Wilshere and Arteta holding the line. Quality.

Now the demand for him will be high. So let’s break it down.
Real Madrid. No.(The Rivalry)

Barcelona. No. He is too good to be on the bench. Wouldn’t oust Messi, Iniesta or Villa.

PSG. Unlikely. Ibrahimovic is the main man upfront for the Parisians. With Lavezzi, Patore and Menez on the wings, it’s unlikely they could keep that many players, never mind keep them happy!

Manchester United. No.

Manchester City. Unlikely. With Aguero clearly first choice, Tevez and Dzeko and Balotelli battling it out for the one place, unless they got rid of two of the above, there is no way he would go there.

Chelsea. Yes. Frontrunners, with only Torres as an out and out Striker(And not a Great one!) and with Sturridge looking to leave, they are searching for a striker. With the fast wealth of the Russian, they can afford him, and have been linked with him in the past. They’re still reeling after he tore them a new one in the Super Cup final! No doubt favourites to sign him.

Liverpool. Haha self explanatory.

Spurs. Nope.

So you get the general idea. It looks like if Wenger is really going to go for it this year, he may have to write the biggest cheque he has ever written and sign the Columbian. Honestly it would make my Year, Christmas, and future Summers if we did. But alas back to reality, we’ve been promised £50+ million in every transfer window, and well mixed results on that front. He is not the only option available, but I truly believe if we signed the former Porto striker, he may soon find himself coated in bronze next to a certain Thierry Henry!

Oh and while your on the web, give a listen to last Fridays Arsecast by Arseblog.com His guests and he make some excellent points regarding our finances and how they aren’t as rosy as we might think!(Still banking on Falcao though!)

By: Donnacha Curtin

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4 thoughts on “Why This Signing Could Be The Best Wenger Has Made Since Thierry Henry!

  1. i really think my darling club Arsenal dont stand a chance,chelsea are ready to spend what it takes to get falcao and i dont really think wenger and ivan are not ready to spend 40 or 50 mill on a single player,the only chance we have here is if falcao himself want to join us,but if wenger gambles on falcao it will payoff both finanacially and on the picth because he will certainly become fans favourite and they will flood the shops to buy his jersey which will generate more funds for us,if i was wenger i would take that risk.

  2. Donnacha…………..first off its spelt signing not singing(very different meanings). Secondly, Falcao, If he does become available in the January window, won’t come cheap and Wenger has NEVER spent more than 18m,never mind 35M on anyone! If the Chavs are in, we are definitely out! You also forgot Giroud, who IMHO will start scoring goals…it is simply a matter of time. Saying Falcao’s aquisition will GUARANTEE us a title is nonsense as there are way too many factors involved in integrating a player, such as the stress and pressure of the EPL, injury risks, adjustment risks, AFC’s playing style, etc.

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